A few years ago, Richard (a cartoonist) started doing doodles of robots and monsters for Aline’s lunch bag to break up some of the stress of the day; they began as simple pen sketches, and after a while became colourful creatures. Aline’s co-workers loved (and were obviously jealous of) the drawings, which gave us the idea of turning them into prints and greeting cards to share the joy that they bring us with everyone.

But the simple sketches wouldn’t do as prints with share our weird creatures with the world, so Aline (a digital film compositor) started integrating the creatures into her photos, to actually bring them to our world!

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Flower Lovers

Under the Weather

Pile Up

Scare Tactics

Garden Variety

Hiding in Plain Sight

Warm and Fuzzy

Dream Big

Shelter From The Storm

Wish Upon a Star

Sorry Pup

Chilling Out

On The Edge