Ryeanne Alaon is a first-year Multimedia Arts college student in the Philippines. She’s been dancing for 8 years and making digital art for about 4. One of Ryeanne’s newest works is a comic she made for her boyfriend as an anniversary gift.

The cute strip details how a misplaced adapter started their friendship and — of course — how the two of them developed feelings for each other. It perfectly portrays the butterflies that fly around in people’s bellies at the beginning of their relationships and how sometimes things just fall into place.

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Image credits: Ryeanne Alaon

The couple met in August 2019 when Ryeanne’s now boyfriend auditioned for the same dance group that she was already a part of. “Like I already showed in the comic, we didn’t really talk much for 2 months and we only started to spend time together after he took my adapter by mistake,” Alaon told Bored Panda.

The student said her boyfriend is a reserved person and shows his goofy side only to people who are really close to him. “He’s also very determined in getting what he wants and he works hard for it. He likes to keep to himself and values time with his loved ones.”

Ryeanne sent the comic to her boyfriend as an anniversary gift when they were on a video call. “I asked him to read it out loud while we were talking,” she explained. “As he read through it, he had a smile on the whole time. We were laughing at some parts that I drew and couldn’t stop smiling at each other after he finished reading it.” Needless to say, the guy loved it and complimented his girlfriend’s art. Ryeanne added that he’s been really supportive of her creative endeavors since day one.

“I’d like to point out that I got overwhelmed by the response of other people who read our story,” Ryeanne said. “I posted this on both my Twitter and Facebook accounts and I didn’t expect for it to blow up! A lot of people were sharing it and saying how cute we were at the same time. It made me realize how lucky I am to be with him and to still have the butterflies present till now. I’d like to make more comics about us in the future.”