Tristan is my five-year-old son who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at the age of three. Despite this life-changing diagnosis, he is still a very playful child.

One day Tristan saw his older sister painting. After a while, he showed great interest and asked us, his parents, if he could also paint sometimes. I found myself in a little awkward situation because I didn’t know what to answer to my beloved son who’s having difficulty with fine motor skills.

Then, I came up with the idea that Tristan could paint but in a different painting technique and style. The next day, Tristan got his first acrylic color set and right away started splashing, dripping and spraying the pictures, he was discovering his own painting style.

After he had created a few colorful paintings, we realized that they were quite unique artworks and rather special creations. We decided to create an Instagram profile to show off his beautiful paintings. During his painting sessions, I record him and after he’s finished, Tristan watches and analyses his cool paintings back with a big smile on his face.

For Tristan as an autistic child, creating these paintings in his own unique style and for us to enjoy, is priceless and we believe very therapeutic for him. His movements and actions when he is expressing himself and his thoughts through his art are really quite magical.

We want to share these happy moments with the parents of other gifted children and you so we’ve created this Bored Panda profile to show the world our cute and special artist and his amazing works.

More info: Instagram


Splashing, dripping and spraying the pictures

His artwork

More of his paintings

His paintings in our bedroom