Thanks to my first-of-a-kind children’s book is being translated in 9 languages and I signed my first international contract!

It all began when I wrote a magical book that would allow my son to create his own fairytale by making the choices within the story. I wished to teach him that the choices we all make are ultimately our own responsibility. So I created a book he could play with. A book we could play with – together as father and son.

The success of “GameTale: The Big Adventure of the Little Gemlin” went beyond my wildest dreams. Parents all over our small country were having the same amazing experience with their children. In only a couple of years, the first two books in the series have become immensely popular in Bulgaria. They turned into a best-seller and won over 10 awards and nominations. But my biggest success remains the glittering sparkle I see in the eyes of the children we meet.

A few months ago I released my GameTale in English for free. I was hoping to make a difference in the lives of children and parents alike. I wrote an article on Bored Panda and your answer was stunning.

I signed my first international contract with a major publisher in Latvia and volunteers from all over the world have began translating my book. Today I am releasing the e-books in Russian and Italian for free. Latvian and Catalan will follow. Spanish, Hungarian, Serbian, and even the unofficial Swiss German.

Thank you all for turning my dreams into reality!

More info:

Me and my son enjoying the Bulgarian original :)

Book covers in Spanish and Russian

The (Italian) adventure map! The book offers 4 adventure zones – la Montagna Grande, il Flume Profondo, la Grotta Buia & il Bosco Stregato

And the adventure begins (in Serbian) when our little gremlin meets… Бака Змај

Walking in the forest you can always find some signposts in Russian! :)

In Chapter 19 we meet some Hungarian tündérek

One of the 20 possible endings in Catalan

I signed my first international contract and the book has been already published in Latvia!

Thousands of fans in Bulgaria and maybe soon… in the whole world!