This Halloween decoration is pretty spooky. Using flowers and skulls, you can create a DIY Halloween decoration that is both delicate and scary.

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Materials Needed:

Grape vine wreath
One 6″ plastic skull
One 4″ plastic skull
2 Large single stem blossoms- we used a Zinnia and a Peony
2 Droopy multi-flower stems- we used a stem of fuzzy buds and one with elongated buds
1 Large multi-flower stem- we used a Hydrangea bloom
1 Sprig of succulents
1 Ivy garland
Cross grain ribbon
30 gauge wire
Wire cutter
Needle nose pliers
Hot glue Gun

Cut the ivy garland into 5 pieces

Cut the droopy flowers off of their stems

Trim the hydrangeas and save for later

Remove the leaves and cut the blossoms off leaving an inch of stem

Cut pieces of wire

Loop the wire through some vines and begin attaching your ivy and droopy flowers

Continue until all of the ivy and droopy flowers are attached

Secure the other droopy flowers. You may need to remove a bud

Attach the hydrangeas and succulent sprigs by weaving their stems into the vine wreath. Fill in spaces with the trimmed hydrangea flowers

Melt holes into the bottom of the skull with a glue gun. String wire through the holes

Twist tie the skull onto the wreath with more wire. Nestle the small skull in next to the large one and hot glue it in place

Tie a piece of ribbon to use to hang the wreath on your wall or door

That’s it!