After World War II European cities were in urgent need of providing their population with new homes in the quickest, most efficient and affordable way possible. Soon, extensive estates were erected and started shaping the post-war continent’s urban landscape.

Inspired by the former Eastern Bloc concrete modernist estates, “Blokoshka” by Zupagrafika is a playful tour inside out the “sleeping districts” of Moscow, platten bau constructions of East Berlin, Warsaw estates built over the ruins of old ghetto, and the panelak blocks in Prague.

This Modernist Architectural Matryoshka is a set of 4 punch-out and build nesting blocks to open in half and place inside of one another, like traditional Russian nesting dolls. The 4 illustrated blocks feature amazing details such as: original graffiti, TV aerials, window curtains…

The kit is Eco-friendly – printed on recycled cardboard, including a note on Eastern Europe housing architecture. Blokoshka is now available in Zupagrafika´s online shop.

Zupagrafika is an author, independent publisher, and creative design studio founded by David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka. The studio has a special affinity with post-war modernist architecture. They are authors of award-winning publications, such as: Brutal London, Blokoshka, Paris Brut or Brutal East.

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