Hanami (“flower viewing”) was inspired by the floral motifs and symbolism-rich imagery of traditional Japanese hanafuda.

Hanafuda are a floral-themed deck that is rich in symbolism and popular in Japan, Korea, and Hawaii. Hanafuda cards have 12 suits with each represented by a month of the year and each month is represented by a flower.

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Designed as 13 tetraptychs. Each month creates a unique floral scene.

Every card in the Hanami deck is unique!

There are 12 months in hanafuda.

Each month is represented by a flower.

Hanami Hanafuda: November Willow

Hanami Hanafuda: August Suzuki Grass

Hanami Hanafuda: May Iris

We also designed a multipurpose Fusion deck.

The Fusion Deck can be used to play both Eastern and Western games!

Hanami Fusion: October Maple

Hanami will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC).

We also created an in-depth 250pg rulebook featuring 31-games with numerous illustrations, intuitive scoring examples, and quick reference charts.

We are raising funds for the printing of Hanami via Kickstarter.