Hello everybody! My name is Ieva and I’m from Lithuania. If I decided to draw a duck, it would probably look like most of your drawings, because I‘ve never studied arts. I am a pharmacist. Sounds crazy or maybe not, but being a pharmacist, which requires to be accurate and logical, I have a lot of inspiration to create. “Handmade” is one of my favorite words. I like everything that can be created on your own.

Most of my art is made on paper and drawn with black gel ink pen. My attention is always focused on details – small geometric figures: lines, circles, dots, triangles and so on. Drawing is my meditation, it‘s a pleasure and happiness for my soul, it’s a reflection and expression of imagination, creativity and inner feelings. So if you are interested to see my work, go on and take a look.

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Painting at children’s socialization center in order to make it cozier for children.

One of the biggest 80:40 cm