Photos are great, actually photos are one of my favourite things. Being able to capture a special moment is fantastic and enables me to do what I love here in life, but I don’t always keep the photo true to what it’s subject really looked like.

With the option to remove color from an image, you can provoke a completely different feeling from what you experienced in reality. This can either take away from the photo’s magic, OR make it much more special. I have selected a few photos showing very common things, just stripped of their color to give a different feeling.

More info:

Sure this day was not the most beautiful, but this is in May and the sunset was spectacular

With a black and white effect, this photo gives you a cold impression.

Swedish summer

Actually a very sunny autumn day, with red and orange leaves all over the ground

A bright and sunny spring day, with trees in full bloom on each side

Brown little dog hiding under a green fence

This sunset was magical, with a fully red and orange painted sky

Not too surprising, but a very blue sea before removing it’s color

By removing the color of the foreground, your attention immediately goes to the hikers

So green and blue in reality, but still better as unsaturated when photographed

The wool may look white, but don’t be fooled by the color reduction, it was a very brown sheep

Removing the color of the background and increasing the contrast, this swan takes all the attention

Cornwall, so the sky is blue and the ocean is turquoise

By keeping to the black and white pattern, the details on this dandelion pops out so much more

So if you’re somewhat unsure whether or not to strip your photo of it’s color, try it!

I always check what the image will look like in black and white while going through my shots, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but it might just take an image from one level to another.