Bitcoin is a famous crypto currency created in 2009. With its ups and downs, you can win or lose everything ! And as it is crypto, there are no tangible bills…What a marvelous opportunity for a swindler to create a money her own way ! From 10,000 Satochi to 10 Bitcoins, these notes are mixing internet meme with ancient engraving style. The result, highly decorated bills like it could have been in the 19th but with a strong technology behind.

These pieces of art are sold the price indicated on the bill. So no matter what happened on line, if you get one of those you will always have your note on the paper !

Prepare yourself, it is a long scroll ! HODL TO THE END !

More info:

The first one is th 10,000 Satochi bill with Satochi Nakamoto, the name used by the unknown person or people who designed bitcoin.

Black light reveal the pad “specimen of treasury” created for this project

One Bitcoin is the first of the bill serie. With the meme HODL IT TO THE MOON

Space required lot of dots and lines !