Binh Dien Market (Sai Gon City) is considered as the biggest wholesale market in Vietnam, crowded mainly from late at night to morning, trading thousands of tons of agricultural products, aquatic products and seafood every day.

The work here is crowded, busy and rushed from late at night and at dawn, it is also the time when people in Binh Dien market more and more urgently transport their goods, and also the signaling light for one working night here is going to end.

I want to talk about the people working here who are young aged from 18 to 35. They work in wet, noisy and dirty environments. They are the employees of the store owner. They are hired to do things such as stevedoring, transporting, sorting goods, and even selling goods to customers, all are the hard work for the young men here.

These are the healthy youth who are unskilled labor. They stay up from midnight to the morning to get things done and ensure they are done in time.

In a cramped, wet, noisy and unclean environment, they work smoothly and complete the daily work that they are hired to do.

When they are free, they sit together, play cards, smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, even drink alcohol as the sun rises.

Although they look scary and hard to communicate, they work very hard and are friendly with you if you are open while you are photographing them. They are very friendly and jolly and helpful when needed.

This is an interesting place for Daily photography. If you choose this place to compose photos, pay attention to what I have introduced about them here.

Wish you always have beautiful pictures in every terrain, even the most difficult and complex.

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