My story began with the production of a folding bike. I wanted to keep my office wear clean, so decided to build a chainless commuter bicycle equipped with carbon belt drive system. The idea to upcycle the spare parts not used for the bike was the first step… I designed the very first desk lamp when my daughter started school. Some friends asked me to do the same for their kids so I started to make them in different colours. In the short term, we aim to offer our customers different shapes such as road bike bars and brake levers or vintage style and develop the customizer platform where people can combine every style with every colour. The economic LED bulb can be switched on and off by pulling the brake levers.

I founded Industrial Kid with two friends in 2015 to improve the original design and launch the bike desk lamp internationally. Thanks to this successful collaboration, the bike desk lamp is available on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Longer term, we want to create a wider range of products such as pendant lamps or wall lamps. It is a fusion of our lamp design concept with people’s own ideas to create something entirely new. This is our definition of product design.

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