In this day and age, many of us live in big cities with high-rise buildings and small living spaces. With a lack of an outside place to keep our bikes, away from the unpredictability of the elements and out of the hands of thieves, we’d been keeping our bikes inside for years. Of course, this comes with the inevitable problem that you get a house full of mud, dirt and sand from the wheels.

One bike enthusiast decided to solve this issue in a lasting way, and came up with the idea of creating a functionally designed indoor bicycle cover. It stops your hallway, landing, living room, or wherever you keep your bike, free of all of this mess from the outside world, whilst still allowing you to store your bike safely indoors. It’s great for a kid’s bike too!

On top of this, the icing on the cake is its attractive design! If you like urban-style graphics, then this month is even better! Celebrated graffiti artist Remi Rough has collaborated with Velo Sock to create a limited edition Remi Rough Velo Sock bicycle cover.

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