A journey through the mountainous desert of Ethiopia is a journey through the ancient books of the Bible. It pulls the wanderer from the third millennium out into a different world. Located in one of the most isolated areas of Africa you will encounter a life that has changed little, if at all, in some 3.000 years. Because of the remoteness of this region and the difficulty accessing it you will find nothing recognizable from our modern world in this society today, Nothing.

The description “biblical” doesn’t legitimately apply to much these days. But in the highlands of northern Ethiopia, German photojournalist Mario Gerth encountered lives so ancient and remote he described the scenes as being reminiscent of the Old Testament.

Mario trekked more than 350 miles by feet and 3 donkeys from Lalibela to the Simien Mountains, one of the Africa’s remotest regions. He found monks praying with 600-year-old Bibles, parishioners climbing hours to worship in rock-cut churches and farmers, and shepherds whose methods haven’t changed in thousands of years – drama and beauty of the highest order.

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Geralta mountains

Maria and Josef

Walking into the morning

Pilgrims on its way to Lalibela

Walking to the monastery in the morning

Praying in the mountains

Praying in the rock church

The 3 wise man

Laliblela rock curch

Walking into the sun

Our donkey driver

Walking into the mountains for a prayer

After the storm

A Shepherd in the Simien mountains

Making basket during harvesting time

Beautiful signs