The house is quiet. Dad is reading some football news, I am editing photos, Hugo is playing with his cars, Lola lying next to him dosing off. Suddenly Hugo and Lola are running wild circles around the sitting room, Lola jumping on the sofa then off again, Hugo chasing her. Next thing you hear ‘you, silly cow, give me my car back!’… and here we go again. After few minutes of the wild chase, she waits for him to catch her and on the command ‘Lola, give it back!’ she spits the car into his demanding hand.

Lola has a special place in our family and has a different relationship with each of us. I train her and teach her all the tricks I can think of. Lola loves daddy so much, she licks his face spotless and then ‘dries’ it off with her neck (as you can imagine, her hair sticks to his wet face so he looks like a Labrador himself) but she is the best mate to our now 4-year-old son. She loves him most. When you ask him, who is family, he replies; Mum, dad, me and Lola. He is right, of course.

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