Traditional family photos are shiny, peaceful and nice to look at, but they rarely depict reality. After another photoshoot of a family with little kids turned into total chaos, photographer Danielle Guenther decided she should try to depict what parents are really going through.

After posting a few of these images on her website and Facebook, she quickly started getting requests from parents, asking to photoshoot their own chaos. “Parenthood is messy, but wow, the unflattering side can still be so beautiful,” – says Danielle, who is also a mom of a 5-year-old herself. She urges to “capture the moment, because in the end, all we have are the memories…“

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Clean up on Aisle 5!

Keep Your Head in the Game

Day at the Spa

Hold on a sec…

Rush Hour

Escape Plan

Just Another Mouth to Feed

Oh NO!!!

Check, please!

Parenting is Exhausting…

Playdate (IN)Sanity