Hello bored pandas from everywhere. We are Silviu and Simona from Bucharest, Romania. We found ourselves in a beautiful September night, in a long embrace full of inspiration, creativity, writing, photography, feelings, dreams, desires, crazy moments and projects. From all of these the page named Jurnal Fotografic (En: Photographic Diary) was founded.

Here, in our virtual book, we transform places, people and moments into endless stories.

Today, we want to share with you our view about mirrors. No matter what is your perception about this object which is so much debated in different cultures, allow us to give you a magical feeling for the next time when you’ll see yourself again.

Perhaps there are days when you don’t enjoy how you look like and maybe there are moments when you are happy to see your pretty face. But, it’s just a matter of perception. We are pretty sure that for someone else you look amazing in that day when you don’t even want to get out from your room.

What do you see is not what it is. You see what and how you feel. Because you are changing every day, your soul changes and THAT is your beauty. You are beautiful in every moment of your life. With or without a mirror.

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