Due to a technological advances photography nowadays cannot be considered the unconditional documentation tool and photographer isn‘t anymore a necessity for it to happen. Thanks to such tools like satellites, drones, street view, etc., it‘s not even necessary to get on location to capture it. As a consequence, every landscape photograph can be considered just a senseless digital record made by someone.

Despite being a visual mark, artificial lightning in landscape photography becomes a sensual link between the viewer and photographer.

I wanted to visit the spookiest places in my city and convey the atmosphere of explorations through the totally different approach.

Project ‘Been there’ explores the industrial periphery of Vilnius at night. A series of photos depict the intersection of time and space, which is very intriguing yet so scary for a random person to explore. The red light, creating the surreal, cinematographic plot is used to hyperbolize the senses that are triggered by those places. Vibrant light becomes a visual expression of the mental state that I was accompanied by while being there.

More info: simaslin.com