I’m obsessed with Castles, Disney and British Period Dramas like Downton Abbey. Even though my room is small, I wanted to make it feel magical and luxurious.

A few years ago I did a Tangled room for my daughter. This time I wanted to make something special for me.

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Here it is as a whole

But zooming in on the pieces is so much prettier! I have always loved the Beauty and the Beast stained glass and wanted to paint it as my headboard

I wanted it to feel like a broken stone wall with blue sky beyond. In a certain light, the stones look so real like you could run your hands over them

Of course, I had to have a chandelier! It’s my favorite thing in the room. I LOVE looking up at it while I fall asleep

I thought a wardrobe would be appropriate and refinished this one myself. It was a solid brown but I added the black and roses

It’s topped with my favorite statue, a Christmas gift from my husband, and some roses, a book, and some gold

I can’t get enough of candles. I found this at a thrift shop and am in love with it

Another candelabra on a stand

I wanted rich, draped fabrics so I have gold satin curtains, and red velvet ones underneath. The red velvet curtains really make it feel rich

Beautiful, fairy tale books, of course

And a few more treasures I have yet to hang up! A perfect mirror and some gorgeous curtain tiebacks. I found that mirror at the thrift shop so cheap! And the tiebacks online inexpensively too

A music box from my daughter

And a painting I did of Belle and the Beast a few years ago