Kaia, an F6 Savannah cat, was left for death on the side of the road. When Animal Control arrived on scene, they were astounded to find a small spotted cat that was still very much alive. Kaia was rushed to emergency, where it was determined she was likely attacked by a coyote and survived. With three very deep puncture wounds surrounding her neck, Kaia was at great risk for infection and severe nerve damage. There was a good chance that she would have her front leg amputated and her left eye was permanently damaged.

I received a call from the rescue group I volunteer for asking if I would like to foster Kaia after she was released from the hospital. As an experienced Savannah cat owner, I immediately said yes. Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos of Kaia after the attack. I could only begin photographing her journey once she arrived at our home. She was attacked on June 9th and we brought her home on June 22nd. Her drain had been removed and she still had stitches surround her neck. Her eye was severely damaged and she was barely using her front leg. However, after only a few days with us, we began seeing changes in Kaia. She was sweet, determined, and courageous. She was trying to show us that she was going to be okay and that she was going to LIVE.

As a side note, Kaia’s owner was located. He wasn’t able to deal with the financials of her situation and signed her over to the city for care. I hope you enjoy these photos of this amazing and beautiful girl!

Kaia’s first day home with us. She was scared but wanted help

Kaia’s front left leg is severly injured and she can’t move it very well

Her eye has a neurological condition which may heal. It was caused by the nerve damage from the attack

After a week with us, Kaia was interested in looking outside. At this point, her stitches had been removed

By her second week, her eye was nearly healed! The vets think Kaia’s sure determination has played a huge role in how well she has healed

While her eye looks fantastic, her leg is taking a little longer to regain normal movement. However, amputation is no longer a possibility

Beautiful Kaia is grateful that she was saved

You can see in this photo the way that Kaia’s left leg curves in. That’s from the nerve damage

Here she is getting to know her new big brother, Caspian.

She’s not quite sure what to think of her new feline family

Kaia is bonding well with me and I’ve disovered that she loves catnip

Kaia on catnip!

Exactly four weeks after she arrived, Kaia has begun exploring other living areas in the house. She’s a very chatty cat, as a lot of Savannah cats are!

She’s just talking again… and using her left leg more and more!

Sitting in the sun, possibly reflecting on her journey

Kaia proves she’s strong and well on the road to recovery!

Although her left leg continues to curl, she is using it more and more every single day

She’s getting very strong and is a very sweet kitty with a wonderful soul

Kaia loves relaxing in the sunlight… and talking

I think Kaia is truly a miracle. Not only did she survive a horrific attack, but she’s filled a space in my heart that’s been vacant since I lost my other Savannah girl over a year ago. I truly believe Kaia was meant to find her way to me