It is 2015 and I think the world deserves waterproof books.

The bath or the beach are a great place to settle your mind on great authors like Twain or Shakespeare. But paper and water don’t mix, and an iPad in a plastic sheet just doesn’t do it for me. I want to read, not skim and swipe. Frankly, I found it hard to believe that in 2015, you still cannot buy a decent waterproof book to read.

That is why I have launched a Kickstarter to make fully waterproof books, offering great literature from Twain, Shakespeare, poetry from Yeats, and a special Limited Edition of the Art of War, by Sun Zi.

Using synthetic paper made out of polypropylene, these books are waterproof, tear-resistant, virtually indestructible yet fully recyclable and costs no trees to make.

Support Bibliobath on Kickstarter to receive your first copy.

More info:

Waterproof classic literature

Bibliobath aims to bring reading to beach and bath

Macbeth in the bath

Free of modern distractions, waterproof books allow us to read real literature again.

Limited Edition of The Art of War

For Kickstarter backers, there is a 500-copy Limited Edition of The Art of War.