2017 is a big year, it marks the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation and people are finding lots of unusual ways to celebrate. Of course, there will be thousands of balloons on Canada Day, but something tells me there will be none like these…

As a balloon artist and new resident of Canada, I wanted to find a unique way to mark the special year, so I have begun making a gallery of Canada’s Prime Ministers out of just latex balloons and air.

The project (#Balloon150) will continue throughout the year until I have all 23 of Prime Ministers made and photographed for posterity. Once they are complete I will hold a gallery exhibition so the public can view prints of them (tba).

But as it’s Canada Day weekend and to whet your appetite, here are some early pictures.

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More info: FlashBalloons.com

Even Canada’s first Prime Minister Sir John A Macdonald is celebrating

The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada, 2015 to date

The Right Honorable Brian Mulroney, Canada’s Prime Minister 1984 – 1993

Sir John A MacDonald, Canada’s Prime Minister 1867 – 1873, 1878 – 1891