There’s certain magic about discovering the world. Magic in sipping the coffee at the sea coast and enjoying every minute of the travel, knowing that there’s absolutely no need to hurry anywhere. And that’s exactly what I like. To cut off from the world full of tasks, deadlines; to spare a minute to just sit in the silence, look at the surrounding mountains and say: what a wonderful world.

That was the main reason why me and my boyfriend even thought about such a long summer road-trip. Our main goal was keeping it low budget – sleeping in the tent, sleeping in the car, using hostels, cooking by ourselves with fresh, local ingredients, and exploring empty, divine beaches and amazing cities.

After 11 countries we have crossed, 5500km we have spent in the car and 3 weeks of the travel, I couldn’t feel happier about what we’ve achieved.

Here’s a photo-gallery of my favorite pictures. I hope you will enjoy.

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Curvy Romanian road Transfăgărășan is well known from Top-Gear tv-show where it was called “the best road to drive on”

Transfăgărășan is truly unique and settled in Carpathian Mountains of Romania

Carpathian Mountains were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

While visiting Skopje in Macedonia we also used the cable-cars to see the city from the top of the hill

Canyon Matka in Skopje, Macedonia

Happy travellers enjoying the time right after crossing the border with Montenegro

Happy to be able to see the world!

Sunny Beach in Bulgaria was full of hotels by the sea

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Hercegowina

And of course, we couldn’t forget the sun hats

In Tirana, the capital of Albania, the city centre looked a little bit Russian

…but the outside of Tirana showed slightly different view of war that took place in the 90’s

Rijeka, Croatia

Pula, Croatia

My favorite views were always the ones on the coast. Here – Croatia!

And our sleeping possibility in the car. It was really comfortable

And Croatian beaches were made of rocks

Not forgetting of cooking. We prefer healthy dishes that we cooked by ourselves

While driving there I felt like I was in the movie

Clear sea was waiting to me in the morning. Shower time!

Amazing waterfalls, Plitvička jezera

Plitvička Jezera, national park of Croatia

I loved finding “exotic” fruits just growing on the trees

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik looked like taken straight from the movie

And of course I made myself a handpainted travel mug!

There was always a time for a small snack-break

…and for a kiss, of course!

I could stay there forever!