I am Peter Kallo, a multi awarded Hungarian photographer. The Balance is my visual art project. The aim of the project is to present the most famous sights of Budapest in an irregular perspective with minimalist composition.

The mysterious „Umbrella Man” balances between his physical limits. He is standing above the physical world, like balancing on the top of the world, while also merging with it, like one small part of the whole. There isn’t just an internal balance. The pursuit of harmony is the basis of the law of nature, which surrounds us.

This is not a photoshop. He is not a statue, but a stunt! :)

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Fisherman’s bastion

Budapest Eye

Elisabeth bridge

Liberty bridge

Invert of Margareth bridge

Elisabeth bridge

Upside down in suburb

Top of Budapest

Gellert statue

Broken lines

Connected lines


Top of Budapest II.

Cloud dancing

Black lines