Summer is over. Autumn has arrived. I would like to share with you the fall, which was brought to the Polish.

Light, colors, falling leaves, the winds, the rain, everything is beautiful! I made these light pictures using a small aperture (F1.8) lens Pentacon, which naturally creates a fuzzy, impressionistic background. My name is Katarzyna Załużna. I live in Poland. In my spare time I photograph what attracts my attention. Have a look at my gallery!

Oak Storyteller

Oh! You, my love, Winter!

You light my!


Rustle of light


Frivolous Flame

Caresses of frost

Rain Solo

Heart of winter

Where I come from, there I go

Hot Lady

Heart Of Silence

Gone with the Wind

In the grip of time

Wild Winds

Ballad of a leaf


Composition with autumn