Ben Chong is a contemporary artist, working across advertising, interior, design, and art painting, based in Kuala Lumpur, he graduated in Malaysia Institution of Art, participated in numerous open and group art exhibition in Malaysia and Oversea.

He claims that he finds his inspiration through nature especially in human nature, recently his works is focusing on human figure drawing as he finds that the human structure or portrait are unique and incredible to him, his art subject is more related to inspire other about love and compassion one to another for the community especially people with special needs like special kids such as Autism, the symptoms of an Autistic child is socializing problem and speech limitation, children with autism have difficulty using their imagination, communicating or interacting, he hopes that through his painting, it can bring more attention and awareness to the people with compassion and love, he always says ‘’Like art, music and architecture -The goal is to make it becomes a part of your daily life, surpassing artificial boundaries of culture, art and custom. He had his first oversea solo exhibition in Seoul, South Korea after receiving the Asia Art Award (Grand Prize) by Asia Invitation Art Exhibition is Seoul, South Korea, he has been hailed as one of the most promising young figurative painters , his works had great expressive force and with great strokes and seemingly uncontrolled brushstrokes, he managed to ‘’say everything‘’ in detail, but without specifying the detail.

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Bird without legs, 3ftx3ft, Acrylic on canvas

Hope, 3ftx3ft, Acrylic on canvas

Happiness, 2ftx3ft, Acrylic on canvas

Obsession. 3ftx3ft, Acrylic on canvas

TOY, 3ftsx3fts, Acrylic on canvas

Obsession, 3ftx3ft, Acrylic on canvas

HOPE, 3ftsx3fts

FACE, 3ftx3ft, Acrylic on canvas

Hope, 3ftx3ft, Acrylic on canvas

Boxing Helmet, 5ftx5ft