My name is Creatures of Nat, although my real name is Natalie Taylor. I’m a self-taught mixed media sculptural artist from Melbourne, Australia. I mostly create poseable art dolls but dabble in a few other mediums and have been for the past three years.

My work is inspired by the connection animals have with the natural world, often drawing inspiration from fauna and flora. My intention is to bring awareness to the importance of the environment while creating the creatures that are in my head, as weird as that sounds.
I have also recently been inspired by Japanese art and mythology, which is portrayed in some of my newer works.

Each creature is fully designed and hand-crafted by me using various animal friendly materials like faux fur and resin.

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Commissioned Wolf

Kukunochi the God of Trees Squirrel

Eclip the Shadow Guardian Wolf

Yoru the night spirit fox

Dryad tree spirit caribou

Copurnicus the Sun Bear

Kuro the Hidden Kitsune

Lumen the Technicolour Dream Bear

Weenie the Jack-o’-lantern Bunny

Achromia the albino kangaroo