Hello, I’m Daniel, a photographer from Belgium. A year ago, I decided to leave everything in my country to spend a year in Australia. I felt in love with that country! During 5 months, I’ve been on the roads of Australia with my four-wheel-drive. I’ve seen so many beautiful places. And now I would like to share them.

I met a lot of people travelling in there who has missed a lot of great spots during their trip. So here is my top 20 of the places which have to be seen. It was hard to make a choice.

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Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is a beach of the South West Australia, close to Esperance.
On top of its white sand and its incredibly blue water, it is the meeting point of a lot of kangaroos which are looking for food or are sunbathing laid out on the sand. Do not miss it!

Fly above the Whitsundays

The hit sundaes islands, which are located in the east coast of Australia.
Whitehaven beach is the main beach on the Whitsundays, it is known for its white sand and its crystal water. It is said that it’s one of the most beautiful beach in the world. It’s also possible to fly above the beaches and it’s breathtaking

Southern Rockhole

An impressive waterfall, a quiet and clear water. Southern Rockhole, located in Nitmuluk National Park, is one of the hidden treasure’s of Australia.
You’ll need to take an hour walk to go there, but it’s worth the effort!

François Peron National Park

The west coast of Australia is usually left aside by the tourists for the East coast. Western Australia is full of astonishing places though. It is wild and is untouched by the human hand.
Here is one of the beaches of François Peron National Park. Its only access is by four-wheel drive, these beaches aren’t much visited. They are unique by the contrast of the red sand with the blue of the ocean.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach is amazing, it’s the kind of heavenly beach that we usually see on post cards.

The great Barrier Reef.

The great barrier reef is the world’s largest coral reef system, it’s stretches for over 2600km along the Australian East coast.
It’s perfect to snorkel or dive and it is full of fish, sea turtles, colourful coral.
However, the best way to see the whole region of the great barrier reef is to fly over it. There is no words to describe what you’ll see, nature is impressive.

Wolfe Creek Crater

Wolfe Creek crater became famous for its horror movie which took place there.
This crater has been formed by a meteorite felt more than 300 000 years ago. The crater is 875m width, it’s possible to walk to its centre.

Hinchinbrook Island

The rainforests of North Queensland are impressive. This photo has been taken from a lookout, on the way to Townsville.
You can see in the background, the Seymour river and the mountains of Hinchinbrook Island. Don’t forget to stop there.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the Largest sand island in the world. It is only accessible by four-wheel drive. Drive on the sand, camp in the dunes, swim in the Lake Mckenzie, one of the cleanest lake’s on earth. Fraser Island is magical.

The Great Ocean Road

One of the most spectacular coastal road of the world, the Great Ocean Road listed 243 kilometres (151 mi). Stretches of the road along the south-eastern coast of Australia.
The 12 apostles is the most visited place of the Great Ocean Road. The sunset is the best time to go there.

Hutt Lagoon

Yes, it exists! There are several pink lakes in Australia. This one is located on the West Coast, up north to Perth, The Hutt Lagoon.
This unusual colour is a natural phenomenon which is the result of certain algae found in the salted lakes.

Kermits Pool

Karijini National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks of Australia.
Located in Western Australia, it includes a lot of fascinating places. This natural pool, named Kermits Pool, is surrounded by huge rock walls within the Hancock Gorge. It is perfect during the hot days of the Australian summer. The grade 5 track to access there is an attraction on its own.


The most beautiful beaches of Australia are in Espérance, in the south west part of the country.
The Great Ocean drive is a loop which includes a lot of lookouts and several accesses to the beaches.

Spa Pool

Another jewel of Karijini National Park. Hidden in Hamersley Gorge, the Spa Pool is a little waterfall surrounded by incredible rock formations.

Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park, next to Exmouth has a lot of point of interests : Yardie Creek, some beaches to snorkel, a protected area for turtle nesting or the impressive Charles Knife Canyon.

Kosciuszko National Park

Landscapes change quickly in Australia, especially when we go inside the country. The Kosciuszko National Park is Between Camberra and Melbourne. It includes the snowiest, the highest mountain range of Australia. It’s a great place to hike, the sceneries are incredible. From August to September, the ski stations are open.

Kata Tjuta

In the center of Australia, or Red center, it is the desert.
The ground is covered by red sand. Its most known point of interest is Uluru, it’s one of the symbols of Australia.
This unexpected rock formation, in the middle of the desert is a sacred place for the aboriginal community of the country.
Not far from Uluru, less known but equally amazing, there is Kata Tjuta. Which is a group of 36 large domed rock formations. Some beautiful walking tracks between the domes very worth it!

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge is another natural treasure of the great ocean road.

Ubirr Rock

If you’ve planned to go to Kakadu National Park, go to the top of Ubirr Rock. It is one of the best spots of the park to watch the sunset.

Head Horse Rock

Head Horse Rock (can you see it?). Located in Bergmagui, it is not well-known. There is a lot of original rock formations in that area.
The access to Head Horse Rock is not easy, but rewarding. This rock is huge and impressive!