We’re artists from Poland who decided to change the traditional form of painting on canvas and found an extraordinary medium for our art.

Creating paintings on furniture became our favourite form of artistic expression. We quit our jobs and took a risk to do only what we love under the name of Art PoPo.

We turn furniture into art, using all the surfaces and creating extremely detailed paintings on them. We create paintings with passion. We believe that our furniture can bring colors, joy and positive energy to any interior.

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“I wanted to give people some happiness and bring colors to the everyday life. I found wooden surface of furniture perfect to do it. I treat each piece of furniture individually and I want it to become a little masterpiece,” says Luiza Poreda, one of Art PoPo artists. “Now I do what I love and it’s wonderful to see that people appreciate that. My dreams came true.”

We mainly work with old furniture. After a solid renovation and preparation for painting, a piece of furniture goes into the hands of one of truly creative artists.

“I like to create furniture made to individual order. Thanks to matching design of furniture with the specific interior I can link it with my architect profession,” says Lidia Skarzyńska, one of Art PoPo artists.

Hime & Her by Agata Kacperczyk

Every Art PoPo furniture is unique and available only at one piece. Furniture is painted entirely by hand according to unique design with a very high attention to details, without the use of any templates.

Moonlight Sonata by Luiza Poreda

Emerald chest of drawers by Luiza Poreda

Touch Me by Ola Buda

Kaleidoscope by Luiza Poreda

Labyrinth by Lidia Skarzyńska

Butterfly Effect by Ola Buda

Blue Blood by Luiza Poreda