Portland artist Davey Cadaver had been in love with coffee for a long time. But it wasn’t until recently, whilst working in a local coffee shop, that he dipped his paintbrush into his coffee cup and began painting.

He painted landscapes and flowers and monsters. He created worlds from the splatters on the page. He did not trace the coffee spills, but rather, looked deep in the paintings for signs of life. And then, they all came alive.

Mummified cats, scarecrows, skeletons, bees, and parasites. They began to show themselves. He had conjured the monsters. Coffee monsters.

Davey could frequently be found taking photos of nature and working late in coffee shops with ink splattered hands and a dozen cups of coffee, each coffee type producing a different result.

People began to take notice of his unusual style of work, in particular, his fiance, Ophelia Darkly, who began to write a short story collection, Coffee Monsters, telling the monster’s wishblown tales. It turns out, these Tim Burton-esque monsters had a lot to say.

Davey Cadaver now teaches coffee painting art classes that inspire others to embrace a new way of seeing. This method can be done virtually anywhere and is very inexpensive (not to mention, fun!).

Davey and Ophelia launched a kickstarter to fund Coffee Monsters, which is now available for your home . You too can meet the monsters. And you too can get inspired to paint a coffee masterpiece! Just make a wish!

More info: Daveycadaver.com

Coffee Monsters book

Davey Cadaver painting in the woods