I love to see the spectacular in the everyday. So, often on nature walks, I find trees as spontaneous, exquisite sculptures just waiting for us busy humans to notice them.

Excited to share what I envision as naturally miraculous, I photograph them and, unlike in the past when I would take them home and paint them, I make use of their natural state to create the art that is already there.

The universe has already provided the form, light, texture, color and rhythm. Why should I recreate the delight of perfection?

But artists will be artists. I love when imagery forces us to ask questions. And it is fun to not always give away the answers. It builds up the wonder in others. It’s a gift to the viewer.

Some of my favorite questions I have been asked: Were the trees like this, or did you either bend and wrap them in person or sculpt them in Photoshop? Did you paint the trees themselves before photographing, or did you paint the images afterward, or not at all? Do you look for sculpture in trees, or do they serendipitously find you?

I simply respond, “Everything you see was already there.”

This series of 40 has now found its permanent home at Sylvester Cancer Center, Miami, where the soulful quality of art and nature will be healing for cancer patients, their families, visitors and medical staff for many decades to come.

All images are Copyright 2015-2016 by Tracy Ellyn. All Rights Reserved.

More info: tracyellyn-recentworks.com


The Blues


Tree-Wrapped Stone

Painted Tree, Pastel

Decades of Layers