Artist Luke Chueh has become best known for a series of white, almost mascot-like anthropomorphic figures, often depicted with the head of a bear, bunny or chicken. Over time, they have evolved to become empathetic stand-ins for himself and for the viewers. These classic figures will be present alongside a slew of new characters and even objects getting the anthropomorphic treatment, from houses to tea kettles, in his new series “ANTHROPOMORPHUCKED.”

“ANTHROPOMORPHUCKED” features over 20 new acrylic paintings, including new takes on Chinese mythology, from Jiangshi (hopping vampires) to a study featuring a rabbit on the moon—a homage to his heritage as a first-generation Chinese-American and the stories that his parents have told him throughout his life.

Puke My Guts Out

Wrestling (with Myself)

Tiny Smile

The (Self) Destroyer

Personal Space

Rabbit On The Moon