Animal and Abstract artist, David Munroe, creates art inspired by nature and the environment around us.

His series of animal artwork, which he has kept him busy throughout 2017, has given us the privilege of seeing beautiful artwork that portrays the natural spirit of the animal in it’s environment.

David spends many hours researching before even putting any paint upon his canvas at his home studio in Glasgow, Scotland. This research not only focuses his mind on how he wishes to see his final piece, but really inspires him to connect with how the animal may feel in that moment which is what enables him to capture that sense of spirit.

You can really feel love in pieces such as “Unconditional” and “Every last moment” whilst there is the feeling of majestic in pieces like “Humpback”, “The eyes of Argus” and “Wings of gold”.

Much of David’s work is snapped up by loyal collectors from around the world and David often receives requests to commission custom pieces for clients.

In 2018, David will be returning to his other form of art, Abstracts.

Again, inspired by nature, David will be using colours and scenes which inspire him to create wonderfully textured and eye-catching pieces of art.

His abstract work has been sold worldwide and prints of his work continue to sell today.

David is excited to add new abstract art pieces to his portfolio and looks forward to sharing them in the new year.

You can find out more about David and his up-coming abstract art by visiting his Facebook Page…

More info: Facebook

Humpback by David Munroe

The majestic Humpback Whale beautifully portrayed in the depths of the ocean.

The Andean by David Munroe

The Eyes Of Argus by David Munroe

The impressive and majestic display of the peacock’s feathers.

Every Last Moment by David Munroe

Koi Pond by David Munroe

Unconditional by David Munroe

Wings Of Gold by David Munroe

Taking Flight by David Munroe