My name is Darsie and I am an artist. I create fashion illustrations inspired by travel and nature. Using materials such as gems, glass, fabrics and stones, I enjoy adding a unique touch. The importance of eco-fashion also resonates with me.

Sometimes I use delicate vintage pieces and jewels – I love the idea of threading a story within a story. Travelling to places such as Thailand and India, elements of a place are delicately painted and captured in one piece.

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Embroidered silk

A visit to India allowed me to visit a tailor’s atelier. It was fascinating watching the artisans patiently stitching embroidery. I chose a russet-hued silk to stitch onto paper.

Stitched chiffon and velvet

The beautiful embellished fabric inspired me to decorate chiffon, adding my own touch. Sewing with the machine adds a subtle dimension, with no two stitch lines being the same.

Bindi motif

Pretty bindis at the bazaar reminded me of miniature motifs found upon beautiful dresses. There’s such rich colour and splendour in Indian fashion.

Grand Temple mosaic

On a trip to Thailand, the mosaics at the Grand Palace were so intricate and captivating.

Beaded pattern

This interpretation took days to complete, with glass seed beads adhered by hand. I wanted to embody an element of motifs, with pockets of colour.

Waterfall glass shards

A busy day in the studio, a glass frame was accidently knocked to the floor and ended up shattering. Carefully holding the broken shards, they reminded me of draping pleats. A cascading waterfall in Koh Chang inspired the shards of glass to form flowing water.
When life gives you broken glass…keep on creating! Inspiration strikes in the unlikeliest of situations. There’s a beauty in adapting and seeing something from a new perspective.

Bird of paradise flower

Inspired by exotic florals seen on the island.

Pleated shell skirt

Shells sourced from the beach in Thailand were perfect as a draping skirt.

Verdant escape

The still waters are captured, with faceted gems add detail.

Climbing petals

I wanted to mimic the effect of the beautiful flowers on a minuscule scale. Free-machining, which involves creating continuous threaded stitches, formed textured petals. Growing foxglove in the garden, their gently towering stems climb the fabric with every stitch.

Autumnal lily

The importance of eco-fashion resonates with me. ‘Sometimes I use quality vintage pieces and jewels – I love the idea of threading a story within a story.’ Little charms can serve as miniature bags or decoration at hand.

Sparkling woods

It was such a stunning landscape. Imagine strolling through in the magic of a sparkling Elie Saab gown!