I try to inspire people and put down my emotions at the same time. I draw famous people mostly with Ballpoint pens and pencil. I’m not the best but I’m still good. I draw when ever I’m bored or sad or anything else.

Just tell me what you think of my art. Not just famous people by the way.

Jidenna in ballpoint pen. 15 hours

Danny trejo in pencils. 20hrs

tyga in ballpoint pens. 19hrs

The rock! in ballpoint. 25hrs

Bob Marley in drybrush oil. 10hrs

Young Michael Jackson in ballpoint. 24hrs

This young boy with water. made me feel young again. Not that im old tho. 19hrs

another water one. 12 hrs

Hugh Jackman as logan. 18hrs

One of my best works at least for now. Titled freedom. 28 Hrs

Sing along. Bob Marley 13 hrs

Sting like a bee. 15 hrs

And this girl left me speechless. Ballpoint pens. Titled NO MORE TEARS 25hrs

SEE NO EVIL ballpoint pens 15hrs

tupac 12hrs

Wizkid. pencil on paper. 19hrs