I was always inspired by the art of Aerial Silks. They’re beautiful in their flow and the strength and courage it demands from a person is ultimate. Once you hang 5 meters in the air relying on nothing but the fabric and your own body, with no security or a safety net, you get the rare feeling of concentration and proportion.

That amazing feeling is the whole purpose of Jewish tradition called Yom Kippur. On that holy day people fast and ask god for forgiveness. I don’t fast and I believe that each and every one has their own way to celebrate that day. My way is to have peace with my mind and my body, to get this feeling of focus and honesty, and to inspire others.

Part of the fasting is not to drive at all. So, with all the roads clear, I found myself hanging upside down from my silks in the middle of a freeway.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Lidor.