Ever heard your favorite image-conscious celebrity complain about being photographed in the wrong place at the wrong time? Sure you have. Well, this new invention will certainly come as good news to them:

Innovative music producer, DJ, and recently turned fashion designer, Chris Holmes, has recently developed a unique brand of flash photography-reflective clothing – Ideal to wear when leaving your best-loved night spot with bleary eyes. That’s if, you’re one of the popular celebrities keen to keep your carefully crafted public persona from being ruined by those pesky paparazzi.

Inspired by a few random occasions whilst touring with Sir Paul McCartney, Holmes noticed he was accidentally photobombing shots with his hyper-reflective clothing materials. Whether it’s hats, hoodies, or smart suits, Holmes hopes to use his smart clothes for “a greater purpose”, according to his interview in Betabrand.

So whether you‘re a keen photobomber or one of the famous people keen to avoid overzealous camera-wielding paps, Chris Holmes‘ anti-paparazzi clothing collection will make a fine addition to your wardrobe.

I certainly don‘t think these cool clothes will be a mere flash in the pan!

More info: betabrand.com (h/t: petapixel)