Half a year ago, Mohamed Abbakar, an established professional artist for 23 years from Sudan, contacted me to suggest working together towards an exhibition. Sometimes I think of make paintings of my photos, but this was a perfect opportunity to have better paintings of my works, because I lack the experience in painting.

“Art has no nationality or gender. It has the possibility to create relations all over the globe. I am very attracted to the nice photos of the photographer Geert Weggen. They called me to do something with them” Mohamed wrote to me. He has had exhibitions with his sculptures and paintings in many country and his work is also respected in his own country.

I am awarded nationally and internationally and was published in different magazines, including National Geographic. I did not even doubt and said yes to this project, I love the use of colors and Mohamed style.
It must be very hard to paint from my photos and still make it unique and keep the painters own style.

During this time, I started producing more photos, which Mohamed could choose from. Most of my works are about compositions of animals coming to my outside built studio. I captured these photos from my kitchen window, you can find more here.

We still have not met each other, but we will have an exhibition in Sweden in the beginning of May and I hope that Mohamed gets a visa. I love the outcome of his works and looking forward to our opening.

More info: hardeko.com

Love for shoes

Luckily they fit and didn’t smell too much.

Sunflower visits

Titmouse eating fresh from the dinner table.

Mushroom whisperer

This is a good place to hide for a relaxed meal.

Carpenter squirrel

Squirrels love to work.

Flower friend

Bullfinch in love with a flower.

Ice investigation

Squirrel is very interested in this winter feeling.

Reflected silence

The love for silence.

Cycle lessons

Squirrel’s first cycle lesson.