I am a person who appreciates direct contact with the paper, what make more spontaneous expression in this what I’m doing. Biology and anatomy was always interesting subject for me. As an artist, I take inspiration from the world around me and make of my own interpretation.

My project consist 365 drawings animals (365 like days in a year, each animal is symbol of one day) that imagine depictions of the animal world. I do not present this in a regular manner, but I focus on something that could never appear in nature and made animal hybrids. Mixing birds with mammals, rodents with fish, changing the proportions. All drawings have a anatomical detailed description and own new name. Drawings are surreal, and show nature deviations in a humorous way and awaken thoughts about how the world might have been like without biological limitations.

More info: nataliagradzka.wix.com | flickr.com