Ten years ago I carefully “photoshopped” an anime character into the middle of Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’, and thus began a love affair with the classics (screwing with them, that is!) I often transplant electronic devices or household items, giving the painting a quirky new meaning.

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I lift a character out of her original setting and drop her into a modern scene. Whatever possibilities I see.

Meanwhile – in the Pristine Chapel

You know this one.

The Lady With The .. uh .. Paddles

La Vérité (1870) – Jules Joseph Lefebvre.
Apparently the first ‘concept drawing’ for the Statue of Liberty.

Hark the Herald Smartphones Click

“Adoration of the Shepherds”, Giorgione, 1500

And Here’s Another Winsome Hit on Radio Bower!

‘The Bower Meadow’ – Dante Gabriel Rossett

Girl Reading Updates

‘Young Girl Reading’ by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

“.. That Is The Question”

Photo of an actor playing Hamlet, late 1800s.

I Thought I Thaw a Heffalump

Queen Victoria at 11, by Richard Westall, 1830

‘Grordbort’ Raygun by Weta Studios, New Zealand.

Girl with an Earring

‘Girl with a Peal Earring’ – Johannas Veermer.
See my Pokemon series here:

My Daughter (Promotional Image for a Stage Production)

Yes, that is my daughter.
It was from a series of images for her company’s stage production a few years back. I did about five of them.