Just recently got into the world of paintings, just this July 2016, and from there I cannot stop painting. I started first with watercolors then I ventured into oil painting. 

I paint places here in the Philippines to promote tourism. I usually paint after work to relax. Hope you like it and go with me as I complete my ever first exhibit soon (God willing) and I am open to constructive criticisms since I am still a newbee. 

More info: Instagram

One of the first images I painted using watercolors this place is in Surigao, Philippines

The inspiration for this picture was taken by my friend Norwin, we went there and his picture is nicer than mine so I painted it using watercolors

This is my first oil painting, this is in Isla de Gigantes in Ilo-ilo Philippines

My 2nd Oil painting, the Place is Sumilon Island, Cebu, Philippines

My 3rd oil painting. A friend gave me his picture and painted it, This is in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

My 4th piece, the Place is in Palawan, Philippines

My recent piece, 5th. I took the picture for inspiration here, This is in Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga, Philippines