From idea into reality. It took two years to realise this project and after seven months of daily hard work, Marko Bolkovic and his creative team Visualia Group have just finished up their latest work and got one amazing piece of light art.

It’s the first installation ever that has been composed in such design and realised in a technical challenge like this one. This light installation consists of 33 illuminated geometrical objects placed in such way that creates a words LIGHT and DARK. The whole installation stands out with its dimensions of 400 meters squared and 3 meters high.

There’s alway more than meets the eye. Apart from its interesting design and scattered objects, this installation is envisaged as a mirror of chaos, which, from a certain point of view, becomes harmony. The installation provokes and raises but also represents an everyday situation and a moment of decision in which every person defines its own perspective.

Whether it’s light or dark, day or night, right or wrong, the only thing that matters is the possibility to change position and see things from different point of view.

Marko Bolkovic is an artist, head of creative collective named Visualia Group and Art Director of Visualia – the biggest festival of light in Croatia. Located in Pula/Istria. Together they create interactive light art installations and promote visual, audiovisual art and new technology.

The word LIGHT

(c) Slaven Radolović

33 illuminated geometrical objects

In between words Light and Dark and defining your own point of view, there’s only a place for chaos.

(c) Slaven Radolović

Idea & Production

Credits for the idea and the concept of the installation goes to artist Marko Bolkovic (in the middle) and for the realisation and production to his creative team Visualia Group with the artists Igor Vasiljev (on the left) and Zoran Licul (on the right).

Light Installation POINT OF VIEW

Artist: Marko Bolkovic
Production: Visualia Group
Video: MedVid Production
Sound: Marko Bolkovic