Those with a real passion for something, whatever it may be, are always on the look out for new things to reflect that passion in their life. This is certainly the case for the brand Skate-Home. Born out of a marriage between a skateboarder and a decorator, Skate-Home is the perfect match for skateboard lovers who want to reflect their passion in their home. Tables, stools, shelves, coatracks, all handmade using traditional production methods, and all inspired by and reflecting the skater lifestyle.

Skateboarding, like surfing, is rarely just a sport or way of getting around town, but more a way of life. What better choice for skaters to proudly and publicly display their lifestyle could there be than by decorating the home or office with these unique, subtle, yet passionately crafted pieces of furniture?

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Bookend skate style

Shelf made of wood with an original skateboard deck

Skater chair

Skateboard coat rack

Skateboard stool