Last year international awarded automotive photographer Piotr Degler visited Cuba in search of the most interesting cars on the island.

Speaking of Cuba is talking about their cars. When in 1959 a young Castro decreed a law to prevent the importation of cars, he could not see the great favor that made us all who are passionate about the 4 wheels. Unwittingly, he bequeathed us a full pre-revolutionary treasure, which now constitutes one of the tourist attractions of the island. For 10 years Piotr had been dreaming of visiting this photographic paradise. It was something he felt inside himself. 10 years longing to capture the country through its almendrones (vintage taxis), Buicks, Cadillacs, and Studebakers… 10 years where expectation was mixed with desire. He had an intense month to find his treasure. Chasing rumors and opinions, Piotr traveled the island from Viñales to Santiago de Cuba, stopping in dozens of towns and cities. As he forged friendships with enthusiasts and local mechanics, he opened doors normally closed to foreign tourists. Beyond the American classics, Cuba has put him face to face with some of the most iconic cars of Automobile History.

Piotr Degler managed to find 2 Mercedes 300SL in Cuba, which restored have a value of over 1.000.000 USD each one.

Now, after a very intense 1 month trip and 25.000 photos, we are launching our Book on Kickstarter with a selection of the best images. If you’d like to support this huge project and get a signed copy of the book, head over to Kickstarter and make a pledge. Let’s make this book a reality! We would really appreciate it.

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Piotr Degler’s route done in Cuba searching for treasures

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Piotr Degler, automotive photographer and ex-car-designer