As a photography lover I always look for new sparks in order to improve my technique: here in Northern Italy, it’s enough to watch out of my window to see the beauty of the Alps. From winter to summer, this incredible mountain landscape, it’s one of the best place where to practice photography and test new frames (in my personal opinion).

So, that’s a short selection of pictures taken with a modest camera among the valleys of Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria. In some cases it was enough to get off the car and shot, in other ones the photos were taken during simple hiking…

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Piancavallone, Val Grande National Park, Italy

Argentine, Savoie, France

Val Varaita, Region Piemonte, Italy

Rochemolles, Region Piemonte, Italy

Piancavallone, Val Grande National Park, Italy

Valposchiavo, Graubünden, Switzerland

Col del Lys, Region Piemonte, Italy

Termignon, Savoie, France

Vallée Etroite, Hautes-Alpes, France

Mont-Cenis, Savoie/Piemonte, France/Italy

Termignon, Savoie, France

Tauplitz, Steyr, Austria

Gran Paradiso National Park, Region Piemonte, Italy