I started painting on stones two years ago. Now it is my passion. It’s something that I never get bored of. I can spend many hours painting some small details – and I am enjoying it. For some reason I am mostly painting at nights. Sometimes I start painting in the evening and the next thing I notice around me – it’s the sunlight outside. Usually it takes me several hours up to a few days to finish one painting – it depends on the complexity of the picture.

I love sharing my art with other people and getting feedback – that’s where I get my inspiration and new ideas!

At this moment I’ve got a big collection of stones, they vary in everything – their size, shape, color and origin. It is almost impossible to find similar stones, and that’s what I like about it – every time it’s something new. And my friends keep bringing me stones from their trips from all the parts of the world, so I’ve got a lot of work to do!

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