This amazing ‘living lamp’ is not only beautiful as a design and for its primary purpose of lighting a room, it has the unique capability of being able to purify the air too.

The lamp is designed by Julian Melchiorri, who is a design-engineer and biochemical technology researcher. The inspiration for the lamp emanated from Julian’s dedicated research in creating ‘artificial leaf’ technology, harnessing the natural power of photosynthesis to turn CO2 into oxygen. This is the first design using the innovative technology, but it is hoped that it can one day be used on all kinds of buildings and objects, leading to cleaner air for all of us.

Called Exhale, the piece is made from 70 algae-filled artificial leaves and gives off a warm, green glow. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, wherever air purification is most required. This remarkably functional eco-lamp points to the future of design, with integrated features that contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

Check out the stunning pics of Julian Melchiorri’s living lamp below. While only a prototype at the moment, we hope to see more of his designs hit the market in the near future!

More info: Julian Melchiorri

H/t: Inhabitat | My Modern Met