I am Jook, the female doodle artist from Belgium.

By quickly drawing, barring any conscious thought, I am giving as much room as possible to my imagination. Soon after they are created, it’s as though my doodles have a life of their own. I want them to have all the room they need to flourish, so now I am not only drawing on walls and stationary objects, but also on clothes and shoes.

I have set my doodles free. I have let them loose, straight from my subconscious, into the world.

More info: jook.be | kickstarter.com | Instagram | youtube.com

With my lovely cat in front of my doodle house in my doodle clothes

This ‘doodle’ jacket is so exclusive and cool

Jook, the female doodle artist, here in her bathroom

Jook’s doodle dress – these artistic doodle drawings are so unique

Jook in front of the doodle bedroom wall with her doodle jacket

Other doodle jacket

My husband, musician willemsson, wearing the jacket

Jook’s doodle jacket – the drawings are very thin, totally original and unique

I pimped my old shoes and sandals with my doodles

The doodle dress is gorgeous

Keith Haring would love the drawings too (I hope)

These are fun!

This little doodle skirt is so cute, the drawings give you a positive vibe

Sometimes my life is like one big doodle

Before the drawings

In my bath

Check this 4K timelapse video of me, doodling. Music bij willemsson