Laurent Baheux is a French photographer known for high contrast black and white photographs of nature and wildlife. His work is often associated with that of portraitists such as the famous French photography Studio Harcourt.

Baheux’s work on Africa and wildlife is also featured in various awareness campaigns for conservation and environmental organizations. He is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador for the anti-poaching initiative.

More info:

Lion portrait, Kenya 2006

Complicity, zebra and birds, Kenya 2014

Buffalo portrait, Kenya 2006

Caravan, Kenya 2013

Crocodile, Botswana 2010

Cub after the nap, Lion, Kenya 2006

Dust explosion, Kenya 2013

Elephants family, Kenya 2007

Exodus of elephants, Kenya 2013

Giraffe in the bush, Kenya 2013

Hide-and-seek, Kenya 2013

Lion in the grass, Kenya 2013

Lion in the wind, Kenya 2013

Lioness portrait, Namibia 2004

Magic horn, Kenya 2013

Need of tenderness, Kenya 2013

Race in the Savannah, Kenya 2013

Reticulated giraffe shattered, Kenya 2013

Rhino portrait, South Africa 2004

Rhinos quartet, Kenya 2013