As if building miniature motorcycles out of watch parts wasn’t challenging enough, I wanted to try something a little bit different.

Using some very long and narrow needle nose pliers, chop sticks and a tiny magnet I was able to build a motorcycle inside a bottle of vodka. This needed loads of time and patience, too. The biggest problem I had was securing the pieces. Most of them are just lying on the build and I had to move very carefully.

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Absolut Perfection

I had to find much smaller parts for the build than I’m used to so they would fit through the opening.

Time and patience

Some pieces had to be cut in half and re-assembled once in the bottle.

Frustration set in a few times…

It was a lot of trial and error, I practiced some of the pieces with the tools before I would try it in the bottle.

Securing it all together

The biggest problem I had was securing the pieces.

I wish

If only I could have shrunken down it would have been much easier!